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While temperature, pressure and vibration sensors all have their part to play in a condition monitoring package, early detection of changes in oil and lubricant condition and regular, consistent monitoring of wear metal debris in rotating plant provide greater insight into the actual condition of vital machinery and equipment.



oil test kit range provides a complete set of economically priced equipment, with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. Oil test kits provide you with a condition monitoring tool enabling you to make informed operational and maintenance decisions about your critical plant and equipment.

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Fuel and lubricating oils are the lifeblood of industrial engines and machinery and their significant cost to procure reflects this, whilst making it an asset businesses cannot afford to waste. With fuel and lube quality directly affecting engine and machinery performance, efficiency and maintenance costs, the reaction of oil and lube products must be closely and consistently monitored to protect the investment.

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Continuous oil condition monitoring of machinery and lubricant testing is fast becoming the established method of predicting and avoiding impending machinery breakdown. Lost production and expensive capital equipment replacement are major costs associated with any catastrophic failure of machinery, the prevention of which is crucial for optimal operational performance.

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