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 The Moxtek® MAGPRO 60kV & 70kV 12W x-ray sources are designed for the portable XRF, XRD and Imaging instruments. Small spot size makes it a good choice for x-ray imaging applications.

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Moxtek End Window X-ray Sources are used primarily for XRF applications. Our small, light-weight designs make these especially useful in portable and handheld applications. The design and geometry of the end window allows for high flux and closer coupling of tube and detector; this creates lower absorption loss for a faster, more accurate analysis especially for low z materials. We offer a wide selection of target materials for your specific application needs. For more information, please view our datasheet or contact one of our experts.


  • Close coupling of source to detector

  • Portable, versatile

  • Easy to integrate

  • Long life Short sampling time



  • 40kV 4W or 50kV 10W

  • Target materials: Ag, W, Au, Pd, Ta, Rh

  • Wiring length from 2”-14”


50kV MAGNUM mechanical Drawing.


Moxtek Side Window X-ray Sources are used primarily for XRD and imaging applications. The small spot size and the short spot-to-object distance (minimum of 7mm) allow the use of high geometrical magnification in imaging applications. Smaller spot size translates directly into a higher spatial resolution at the detector. The large x-ray cone angle provides for a large viewing area at the detector. Side window tubes have approximately 30% higher x-ray flux compared to end window tubes, which helps in applications that rely on counting low numbers of photons, such as X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). For more information, please view our datasheet or contact one of our experts.



  • Close coupling of source to detector

  • Portable, versatile

  • Easy to integrate

  • Long life

  • Short sampling time

  • Flexible form factor



  • Target materials: Cr, Cu, Mo, W

  • Wiring length: 4in-11.5in, (101mm - 292mm)


Our XPIN Detector has a 625µm thick Si-PIN diode, an ultra-low-noise JFET, multilayer collimator, preamplifier, and is internally cooled with a two-stage thermoelectric cooler. Our detectors use DuraBeryllium®windows uniquely coated with DuraCoat®, which is corrosion resistant and ideal for harsh environments. All Moxtek detectors are encapsulated in vacuum enabling minimum detector temperatures. The XPIN is available with a 6mm2 or 13mm2 active areas. The compact sizes allow for design flexibility.


  • Maximized Si-PIN resolution

  • High peak to background

  • High energy absorption

  • Close coupling of detector/ source, portable

  • Easy to integrate

  • Low power consumption

  • Low calibration maintenance

  • Lt-element identification, Corrosion resistant

  • Minimal stray peaks


  • Active area (6mm² or 13mm²)

  • Configuration style (BT or XT)

  • XT mounting options (Angle Bracket (AB) or Heat Sink (HS))

  • BT adapter plate

  • Optional cables

  • Thin (8µm) window options


The FTC-200 X-Ray Tube Controller is designed to power, control, and monitor miniature x-ray tubes. The controller contains all of the necessary electronics to operate the high voltage power supply. It provides input power to the high voltage power supply and controls the high voltage and emission current settings of the tube. The FTC-200 Controller includes built-in meters for convenient monitoring and display of the high voltage and emission current.


  • Interlock control

  • 5V output for electronic controls

  • LED monitor display

  • High voltage control

  • X-ray "on" indicator

  • Remote electronic control capability

  • Signal when x-ray output is stable

  • Control the HV


Our MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) is ideal for analytical x-ray and gamma-ray instruments such as; Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Si-PIN, CdTe, Si(Li), and Ge detectors. MXDPP-50 is designed to digitize detector output signals, achieving high throughput, with excellent pile-up rejection. Our MXDPP-50 OEM version is configured for simple attachment to benchtop and portable applications. The OEM version includes the digital pulse processor, the detector power supply including high voltage bias, and the automatic temperature controller for Moxtek detectors.

Figure: MXDPP-50 Spectrum

Figure: DPP Signal


  • High throughput

  • Excellent pile-up rejection

  • Fast processing speeds

  • Easily configurable

  • High speed communication with PC


  • OEM Version

  • End User Ready Version

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