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DIGIOil test kit
Oil test kit

Kittiwake’s oil test kit range provides a complete set of economically priced equipment, with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. Oil test kits provide you with a condition monitoring tool enabling you to make informed operational and maintenance decisions about your critical plant and equipment. The ability to test on-site at the point of use enables engineers and facilities managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before they become critical. Choose from a range of oil testing equipment and parameters to use either individually, or combined as a single oil test kit.

Supplied ready for use, in heavy duty aluminium or durable ABS cases, Kittiwake’s multi-parameter test kits contain all of the necessary equipment and consumables for your oil condition monitoring needs.

  • Fast, accurate results for multiple oil parameters in an easy to use, portable kit

  • Make informed on-site maintenance decisions

  • Act before the onset of critical failure

  • Robust and reliable for use in harsh or remote environments


Kittiwake are continually looking for ways to cut the cost of testing for our customers. One way of doing this is to decrease the hazardous nature of our tests. Over the past two years we have reclassified over 80 reagents and now many of Kittiwake DIGI Test Kits are available in non-hazardous for shipping versions where you see the EasySHIP logo.



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