Snap on Film Fastener

This device is designed to facilitate the attachment of thin-film sample support windows to sample cups utilising snap on rings. It averts contamination by contact during assembly, allows uniform application of pressure, eliminates snap on ring misalignment and ensures taut thin-film sample support planes; ideally suited for multiple sample preparations.

Usable with the following sample cup ranges:1330 1340 1430 1440 1530 1540 1730 1740 1830 1840 1850 1930 1940.


Vent Hole Punch

Handy palm held device to create a hole through sample cups utilising central seals. It prevents rupture of sample cup during establishment of vent hole and accommodates all diameters through a series of counter-bores.


Transfer Pipettes

Used to conveniently fill XRF sample cups with consistent volumes of samples and standards to their near volumetric capacities minimising any discrepancies in x-ray data attributed to dissimilar volumes. They also prevent cross-contamination possibilities and avoids spillage.

Fabricated from unbreakable polyethylene as single unit they are not sterile and are intended to be used only once, excepting for multiple sequential draws. Dispensed volume varies with each transfer according to operator manipulation of the bulb.

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