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  • Low cost, lower power consumption and high throughputs
  • Compact size
  • Simple, robust design; durable mill body constructed from cast steel
  • Hammers have 4 grinding edges, each of which can be used in rotation, for maximum service life
  • Serrated liner in top section of mill for increased milling efficiency
  • Large inlet hopper – ideal for bulky material
  • 180° full-width screen area
  • Easily interchangeable screens, available in mesh sizes 0.5mm to 30mm (One standard screen of customer’s choice is supplied with each mill)
  • More details

    The Swing Hammer Mill is possibly the most economical mill available for the return in output. Glen Creston offers two versions of the mill – Blower Discharge and Bottom Discharge – each available in three sizes and with 2 mounting options.

    The bottom discharge is for discharge of material by gravity and the blower discharge is where a powerful fan pulls the material into the grinding chamber and through the screen which is suitable for lighter weight particles, such as paper, plastic foam or feathers and for applications where the processed material is distributed to another processing area or level. 

    Mounting option 1 - mounted on a steel baseplate

    • For customer installation and wiring
    • For positioning over a collecting vessel, pit, conveyor or hopper
    • Bottom of the mill is open for rapid discharge

    Mounting option 2 – mounted on a frame

    • Ready-wired with an integral starter
    • Outlet has a grid to prevent hand access

    Optional accessories

    • Magnet, which attaches to inlet chute to attract tramp ferrous metal
    • Special electrics to customers’ individual specifications
    • Special frames and chutes to customers’ individual specifications
    • For Blower Discharge version only: Product/air separator, comprising duct, cyclone, sack filling neck with clamps and support

    The chart lists the approximate throughput per hour from the Hammer Mill 10. The results will depend on screen size, material, moisture content, feeding method and motor power. Results may be approximately doubled for Model 20 and tripled for Model 30.

    Screen Size 0.75mm 1.5mm 3mm 4.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 20mm
    Apples               1136*
    Bottles       279-340 340-415 410-500 500-590 590-770
    Carrots           450 635 815
    Clay   135 180 270 360 545 680 910
    Hard Roots         4-9 6-11 9-13 11-16
    Newspaper       45-60 55-80 85-120 115-160 135-180
    Oats/Barley 11-18 35-55 55-90 115-160 180-270 295-410    
    Tree Bark       55-80 80-115 100-135 145-180 180-225
    Wheat 35-45 115-160 180-250 250-340 340-430 385-475 385-520  
    Wood Chip     100-135 160-180 180-205 215-225 225-275 275-315

    *>5000 in Model 30


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