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Specamill | FTIR + DRIFTS Sample Mill

Specamill | FTIR + DRIFTS Sample Mill


  • Rapid grinding
  • Choice of capsule and sphere materials
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Timer with manual override 
  • More details

    Grind and mix samples with KBr powder

    The Specamill grinding accessory is designed to mix a solid sample with an excess of KBr powder for the preparation of powder samples prior to compression into KBr pellets for infrared study, such as FTIR.

    It can also be used to prepare samples for diffuse reflectance spectroscopy. The target particle size of the sample is at least 25 microns.

    Adjust grinding set for sample hardness

    There are two capsule sets for the Specamill, one stainless steel and one agate, to match the different hardness of sample materials.

    Each capsule set consists of:

    • capsule body
    • stopper
    • three grinding spheres (stainless steel or agate)

    The capacity of each capsule is 3 ml and the recommended filling volume is 30% (excluding spheres).

    KBr grinding spares

    Specamill spares and consumables for KBr Mill and Grinding sample preparation for FTIR pellet press and diffuse reflectance applications.

    The Specamill Agate Capsule Set includes a agate stopper and agate spheres (3).

  • SpecaMill DATASHEET

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