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Specadie | KBr Pellet System

Specadie | KBr Pellet System


  • Forms 8.5 mm diameter KBr pellets for quantitative analysis
  • No press or pellet holder required
  • Compact and simple design
  • Rapid sample preparation
  • Evacuable die for sample clarity and quality
  • More details

    Self-contained KBr pellet solution

    The Specadie Accessory allows for the production of a solid 8.5 mm diameter KBr pellet for transmission FTIR analysis without the need of a separate press and die. 

    The system consists of a die body and two bolts that each have a highly polished pressing face. In operation, ground KBr powder is placed in the die body and compressed between the two bolts that are tightened together.

    Evacuable die included

    The die is evacuable to ensure high clarity and quality of pellet. After the bolts are removed, the compressed KBr powder is retained inside the die body which is, in turn, placed in the spectrometer with the use of a 3" by 2" mount plate.

    A complete Specadie Kit comprises:

    • Specadie
    • Specadie Holder
    • Bench mounted wrench
    • Open ended wrench
    • Spare set of bolts
    • Spare set of seals
    • |KBr powder (50g)
  • SpecaDie DATASHEET

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