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Silver Gate Evolution Top Plates & Spares

Silver Gate Evolution Top Plates & Spares


  • GeTop-Plate
  • ZnSe flat Crystal Plate
  • Ge Flat Crystal Plate
  • Si Flat Crystal Plate
  • ZnSe Recessed Crystal Plate
  • Ge Recessed Crystal Plate
  • Si Recessed Crystal Plate
  • More details

    Crystal Plates

    The Silver Gate™ Evolution single reflection ATR accessory has the versatility to test a wide range of samples by simply switching the crystal plate.

    Specac offers both ZnSe and Ge ATR crystals with two styles of mounting – one flat (for powders / solids) and one recessed (for liquids).  These facilitate quick, easy, and cost-effective analysis of a wide range of samples from a single ATR accessory.


    A Pellet Anvil is available for use with the Silver Gate™ Evolution ATR Accessory. This allows pellet samples to be held securely in contact with the ATR surface during analysis.  Note that this is the same anvil as used on the Golden Gate™ ATR Accessory.

    The standard Anvil offer on the Silver Gate™ Evolution ATR Accessory is a large-area flat stainless steel anvil. This is provided as standard as part of the Silver Gate ATR system, and is the same anvil as used on the Germanium Golden Gate™ ATR Accessory.




    • Silver Gate Evolution ZnSe flat crystal plate GS10683-1 
    • Silver Gate Evolution Ge flat crystal plate GS10683-2 
    • Silver Gate Evolution Si flat crystal plate GS10683-3 
    • Silver Gate Evolution ZnSe recessed crystal plate GS10684-1 
    • Silver Gate Evolution Ge recessed crystal plate GS10684-2 
    • Silver Gate Evolution Si recessed crystal plate GS10684-3 


    • Essential Spares Kit for Silver Gate Evolution GS10685


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