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Sietronics laboratory ovens employ the highest standard of design and manufacture to ensure performance and reliability

demands by the world's leading laboratory facilities.The oven chambers are constructed from the highest quality stainless steel to give lasting performance year after year with minimal maintenance.

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    Unique air flow system

    The unique air-flow system in Sitronics fan-circulated ovens ensures unequalled spatial stability throughout the interior

    chamber.Air is drawn the load by a silent yet highly effcient fan system,while air-chutes in the sides of the chamber distribute the processed air evenly over every level.Products on all shelf levels are therefore processed equally at every 

    point in the chamber to give consistent and repeatable results.

    Micro-Digital Control

    Sietronics engineers have developed state of the art microdigital control systems to give exceptional control stability over time.An auto-tuning facility in the PID controller ensures that the optimum setting are used on every oven configuration,independent of the chamber size.

    The controller includes an alarm system which can be configured as an absolute maximum or deviation alarm.In the unlikely ebent of a control system failure, an independent mechanical thermostat wii activate the alarm and cut off the heating element to protect the product within the chamber.


    Remote Control,Data-Logging,and Programmability

    The standard oven can be connected to a remote PC via an RS 485 interface,while Sietronics'basic data-logging software enable temperatures to be recorded and displayed graphically on the PC.A number of ovens can be connected together on a simple 2-wire link and remotely monitored from a single PC.
    Where full programmability is required,Sietronics' engineers have developed the ultimate in setpoint programmable controllers.Up to 50 prorammed temperature profiles with 500 segments can be stored in the controller's memory.Powerful software enables temperatures profiles to be pre-programmed and tested on a remote PC before downloading to the controller.

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