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Selector Environmental Chamber + Spares

Selector Environmental Chamber + Spares


  • Advanced Diffuse Reflectance measurements
  • Programmable controlled temperatures to 800°C
  • Operates from vacuum (0.001 Torr) to high pressure (500 psi)
  • Controlled atmosphere (gas inlet and outlet)
  • Extensive safety features
  • More details

    Diffuse Reflectance Environmental Chamber

    Specac offers an Environmental Chamber designed for use with the Selector™ Diffuse Reflectance Accessory. This Environmental Chamber extends the sampling capabilities of the Selector™ by allowing the study of a diffusely reflecting sample at temperatures up to 800°C and pressures from vacuum (0.001 Torr) to 500 psi. Solid or powder samples are placed onto a sampling cup within an atmospherically controllable chamber for DRIFTS spectroscopic analysis. This accessory is ideal for infrared spectroscopic analysis of kinetics, catalysis, surface analysis, polymerisation, and co-ordination chemistry.

    ZnSe windows are used as standard on the chamber, to give a good balance between wide mid-IR transmission and mechanical strength. Other windows are available on request. The main body of the Environmental Chamber is constructed from 316 stainless steel for both ruggedness and chemical resistance. A water cooling jacket keeps the outside of the chamber cool when operating at high temperatures and a safety ‘burst disc’ activates whenever the pressure exceeds the recommended safety limit.

    The Environmental Chamber can only be used in conjunction with Specac’s Selector™ Diffuse Reflectance Accessory.


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