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Power Hydraulic Press | Automatic FTIR + XRF Press

Power Hydraulic Press | Automatic FTIR + XRF Press


  • 8 Ton, 15 Ton and 25 Ton load capability
  • Load settable in both imperial and metric tons
  • Microprocessor controlled pressure application and release
  • Large working distance between pressing surfaces
  • Fully CE marked
  • Low noise operation
  • LCD display
  • Multi-lingual display option
  • Integral high clarity PETG safety guards
  • Fully compatible with Specac sample preparation accessories
  • Ideal for FTIR and XRF sample preparation
  • More details

    Automatic lab press with various loads

    Specac’s Atlas™ Series Power Press is available in the following options:

    • 8 ton load configuration
    • 15 ton load configuration
    • 25 ton load configuration

    These bench-top presses have power-assisted hydraulics for ease-of-use and, with a small footprint, ergonomic design and low noise characteristics, they are appropriate for a range of applications in both modern laboratories and heavy industrial environments. They are ideal for preparing KBr or XRF  pellets.


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