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Pellet Press Spares | KBr Powder + More

Pellet Press Spares | KBr Powder + More


  • KBr Powder
  • Thin Film Card Holders
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Load Gauge Kit
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Specacards
  • More details

    Buy supplies for your hydraulic press

    Consumable components and supplies for your FTIR or XRF sample preparation equipment. This  includes KBr Powder, XRF Sample Cups and XRF Films, Thin Film Card Holders and Aluminium Foil.

    The Atlas press and die series of products are ideal for FTIR spectroscopy and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) pellet preparation.

    These spare parts compliment the Atlas set of pellet presses, which can be used for sample preparation in conjunction with FTIR spectrometers, XRF analyzers and other analysis equipment.

    Request a quote to receive a price to buy KBr powder, buy XRF cups, buy hydraulic oil or buy XRF pellet press consumables and FTIR press spares.

    Manual Press hydraulic oil

    1L of spare oil for your specac manual hydraulic press. Due to shipping costs it may be advisable to obtain oil locally in which case Shell Tellus 37 should be used.  

    Manual Press seals and gasket set

    A complete set of seals and gaskets for either a 15 ton or 25 ton press. They are only required if the press develops a leak and do not form part of any routine maintenance.

    Manual Press: Conversion Kits

    The low tonnage gauge kits provide an additional load gauge to be used along with the standard 15T or 25T load gauge on the press. The kit is fitted by the customer to allow both gauges to be connected to the press.




    • Specacards – 10mm circular aperture GS03800
    • Specacards – 25mm x 10mm rectangular aperture GS03810
    • KBr powder GS03610
    • Vacuum Pump Oil GS03643  


    • CL37 Hydraulic Oil GS15101
    • Oil bleed kit for Manual Press GS15110
    • Seals + gaskets set for Manual Press GS15100
    • 0-1 Ton Load Gauge Kit for Manual Press GS15051
    • 0-2 Ton Load Gauge Kit for Manual Press GS15052
    • 0-5 Ton Load Gauge Kit for Manual Press GS15055
    • Seating tool for Manual Press pressure gauge ball GS15111
    • Seating tool for Manual Press release screw ball bearing GS15112
    • Seating tool for Manual Press pressure relief valve oil constrictor GS15113


    • Lubrication of compression spring rings kit for Atlas Power Press GS25485
    • New main piston assembly for Atlas Power Press GS25481
    • Oil fill + bleed kit for Atlas Power Press GS25480
    • Replacement Dowty seals for Atlas Power Press GS25483
    • Replacement internal fuses for Atlas Power Press GS25484
    • Replacement lead screw assembly kit for Atlas Power Presses GS25486


    • Mini-Press 7mm DieA 7mm Pellet Die (complete) for use with the Mini-Pellet Press.GS03950
    • 7 mm Die Slide Mount7 mm Pellet Die 3" x 2" Slide Mount for Support Ring Holder Die Part.GS03960
    • 7 mm Die Pellet Ring Holder7 mm Pellet Die Pellet Ring Holder (Die Part).GS03951


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