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Pearl Liquid Analyzer | Fast Liquid FTIR

Pearl Liquid Analyzer | Fast Liquid FTIR


  • Easiest liquid FTIR sampling system available
  • Faster and more reliable than traditional liquid cells, saving time and money
  • Very accurate and repeatable pathlengths, including the option of wedging to eliminate troublesome fringing
  • Various pathlengths and window materials, which can be changed in seconds
  • Handles viscous materials with ease
  • More details

    Fast liquid FTIR transmission accessory

    This new accessory greatly reduces the time and difficulty of liquid sample analysis.

    The Pearl™ is a high specification liquid transmission accessory designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis in the Near and Mid-Infrared. The accessory contains Specac’s innovative Oyster Cell assembly which holds your sample in a horizontal plane.

    The design of the Pearl™ and Oyster Cell allows for fast and easy application of the sample, and for cleaning between samples.

    Analyze volatile liquids using transmission spectroscopy

    For more volatile samples, there is an injection access port in the top Oyster, so the cell assembly does not have to be fully opened. At all times, the sample can be viewed through the two windows, allowing the user to ensure that no bubbles have been trapped.

    The Oyster Cell can be cleaned very easily and quickly using tissue and an appropriate solvent.

    Accurate transmission pathlength

    The Pearl™ has been designed to provide a more accurate pathlength than can be achieved when using a traditional liquid transmission accessory, with pathlengths repeatable to significantly less than 1μm thanks to the innovative Oyster Cell.

    The Oyster Cells have the unique feature of being offered as either parallel or wedged cells to eliminate troublesome fringing patterns.

    Interchangeable FTIR transmission windows

    Pearl™ can be fitted with ZnSe or CaF2 windows which can be interchanged in seconds. These Oyster Cells are available in six pathlengths, 25μm 50μm, 100μm, 200μm, 500μm and 1,000μm.

    Compatable with measurement standards

    Method Number  
    Determination of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) content in middle distillates. Infrared spectrometry method (Click Here for Our App Note) EN 14078
    In-Service Oil Condition Monitoring standard practice ASTM D7418
    Phosphate Antiwear Additives in In-Service Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Based Lubricants by Trend Analysis ASTM D7412
    Monitoring of Oxidation in In-Service Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Based Lubricants ASTM D7414
    Sulfate By-Products in In-Service Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Based Lubricants ASTM D7415
    Nitration in In-Service Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Based Lubricants ASTM D7624
    Standard Practice for Condition Monitoring of In-Service Lubricants by Trend Analysis Using Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectrometry ASTM E2412

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  • Pearl Data sheet

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