Digital Fuzzy Control laboratory ovens with innovative on door interface. These ovens are suitable for drying, baking, conditioning and pre-heating samples. LCD display with jog shuttle for easy temperature adjustments. 105 litre and 155 litre models feature a triple strength glass window which allows the user to view inside the chamber without having to open the door. This prevents temperature loss and protects the user from high temperatures. Internal chamber is of stainless steel and the external of the cabinet is attractive powder coated steel. Two chrome plated steel shelves supplied. Over temperature protection, over current protection and sensor error detector ensures user safety.

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    Two digital control vacuum ovens are available in 30 and 70 litre capacities. Both models are suitable for drying, baking, conditioning, vacuum embedding, moisture testing and age testing. All controls are conveniently located on the front panel for easy access. These models have a robust design and provide reliable use over many years of service. Safety features include over temperature protection, over current protection and sensor fail indication


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