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Microfocus Beam Condenser | ZnSe or KRS-5

Microfocus Beam Condenser | ZnSe or KRS-5


  • Easy alignment
  • High throughput
  • Wide wavelength range
  • Changeable ZnSe or KRS-5 lenses
  • More details

    Microfocus Beam Condenser for Transmission spectroscopy

    The Microfocus Beam Condenser is a high performance 4x beam condenser specially designed for use with the Diamond Compression Cell. The simple two lens linear optical system ensures easy alignment and high throughput over a wide working wavelength range. The Microfocus beam condenser can be supplied with either ZnSe or KRS-5 lenses. Lens upgrade kits are available should you wish to change from one version to the other.

    The Microfocus beam condenser is optically matched for the Diamond Compression Cell, which locates accurately and reproducibly in the beam condenser using spring ball catches. The whole accessory combination is mounted into a spectrometer sample compartment via a standard Specac Benchmark baseplate. This allows for optimum stability in all FTIR spectrometers.


    • Microfocus Beam Condenser: ZnSeMicrofocus Beam Condenser with ZnSe lenses. Specify spectrometer for baseplate.GS02560 
    • Microfocus Beam Condenser: KRS-5Microfocus Beam Condenser with KRS-5 lenses. Specify spectrometer for baseplate.GS02561 
    • KRS-5 Lens Kit for Microfocus Beam CondenserKRS-5 Lens Kit for Microfocus Beam Condenser.GS02570 
    • ZnSe Lens Kit for Microfocus Beam CondenserZnSe Lens Kit for Microfocus Beam Condenser.GS02571
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