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Liquid Transmission Spares | Liquid FTIR Parts

Liquid Transmission Spares | Liquid FTIR Parts


  • Liquid Flow Cell Spares
  • Omni-Cell Spares
  • Variable Pathlength Spares
  • Heatable Liquid Cell Spares
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    Liquid Transmission spectroscopy spares

    Spares and tools for Specac liquid transmission accessories.

    Spacers for the Omni-Cell liquid accessory

    Purchase PTFE spacers to adjust the pathlength of the Omni-Cell liquid FTIR transmission accessory.

    Essential Spares Kit for the Heatable Liquid Cell

    Make sure you have everything you need to maintain your Heatable Liquid Cell.



    • PTFE spacers rectangular (assorted) for Omni-CellPTFE spacers rectangular assorted (pkt of 10) for Omni-Cell liquid cells.GS01864
    • Luer plugs for Omni-CellLuer plugs for Omni-Cell body (pkt of 2).GS01892 
    • Omni-Cell Packing SpacerPacking spacer for thin windows when used in Omni-Cell body (pkt of 1).GS01893 
    • Quick release nuts for Omni-CellQuick release nuts for Omni-Cell body (pkt of 4).GS01891 
    • Neoprene gasket for Omni-CellNeoprene gasket for Omni-Cell body (pkt of 2).GS01890 
    • 2ml Luer SyringeLuer Syringe (2ml volume)GS01110
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