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Infrared Microscopy Accessory | SurveyIR

Infrared Microscopy Accessory | SurveyIR


  • Onboard FTIR spectrometer detector
  • 5 mega pixel CMOS colour video camera, 2592 x 1944 maximum resolution
  • 2X optical magnification yields .7μm/pixel at sample plane
  • Transmission, reflection, and oblique illumination modes
  • IR Reflection, Attenuated Total Reflection, Diamond and Ge, and transmission modes available
  • Variable IR mask - 2000μm, 250μm, 200μm, 160μm, 100μm or, 60μm fixed diameter
  • eSpotTM software control of visual illumination modes, visible illumination intensity, ATR contact alert, IR mask selection, and IR transmission/reflection modes
  • Manual coarse/fine z stage focus adjust, 1⁄3" minimum working distance 1⁄2" maximum travel
  • Manual x, y stage fits 1" x 3" standard microscope slides
  • Accommodates commercially available transmission cells including diamond compression cells
  • Dimensions - 13.2" depth x 4.3" width x 10.5" height, 10lb weight
  • More details

    Ergonomic infrared microscope

    The SurveyIRTMis a new FTIR Micro-spectroscopy accessory designed to deliver the ultimate user experience for a broad range of microanalysis techniques. The unique ergonomic design allows seamless interaction between operator and instrument.

    The SurveyIRTM’s compact configuration and alignment free optical design facilitates simple mounting in the FTIR spectrometer sample compartment.

    Research grade visual images are produced via a high resolution color video camera. High depth of field viewing optics facilitate quick specimen location and alignment in reflection, transmission and Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) viewing modes.

    High quality infrared microscopy

    A choice of three on-board illumination modes create excellent contrast over a wide range of specimen morphologies. Unsurpassed viewing quality through the diamond ATR simplifies target manipulation and guarantees excellent sample/ATR coupling, including visualization of sample contact. Simultaneous viewing and IR spectroscopy allows visualization and interaction with the specimen while observing IR spectrum.

    IR performance is leveraged with the FTIR spectrometer on-board detector in reflection, transmission, and ATR modes. eSpotTM software facilitates image display, manipulation, capture, documentation, and storage. eSpot also provides the interface for IR mode selection, illumination mode selection, and sample size by user choice of six masking aperture settings.

    Sample manipulation is accomplished by manual adjustment of standard microscope controls including 1 x 3 inch travel x, y stage, coarse/fine focus, and condenser focus.


    • SurveyIR Reflection Unit
    • SurveyIR Reflection/ Diamond ATR
    • SurveyIR Reflection / Diamond ATR - Agilent Cary 630/610/620/660/670/680
    • SurveyIR Reflection Unit - Agilent Cary 630/610/620/660/670/680
    • SurveyIR Reflection Unit - Bruker Alpha Configuration
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Diamond ATR - Bruker Alpha Configuration
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission - Bruker Alpha Configuration
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission Unit
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission Unit - Agilent Cary 630/610/620/660/670/680
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission/ Diamond ATR - Agilent Cary 630
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission/ Diamond ATR Deluxe
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission/ Diamond ATR Deluxe - Agilent Cary 610/620/660/670/680
    • SurveyIR Reflection/Transmission/ Diamond ATR Deluxe - Bruker Alpha Configuration
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