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Heated Short Pathlength Gas Cell

Heated Short Pathlength Gas Cell


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel vacuum stopcock
  • Chemically resistant window seals
  • Choice of window materials
  • 10cm pathlength/38mm clear aperture
  • Low voltage (30v) heater system for operator safety
  • Programmable controlled temperature with RS232 interface
  • Slide mounting supplied
  • Flow mode (optional)
  • Window size 47mm diameter
  • More details

    Heated gas transmission cell

    Specac offers a Heated Short Pathlength Gas Cell for gas and vapour spectroscopic analysis from ambient to 250°C and from vacuum to 1 Bar, at a fixed 10 cm pathlength. It also enables vapour and gas spectra to be obtained from substances that are normally vapour or liquid at room temperature, and facilitates decomposition studies.

    Accurate temperature measurement

    The cell is an evacuable stainless steel chamber with an injection septum sample introduction port and is heated by a low voltage (30v) heater surrounding the body. The exact gas temperature can be measured with an additional monitoring thermocouple (supplied) which passes through a vacuum tight seal into the gas cavity.

    The cell is supplied with a High Stability Temperature Controller with a factory fitted option for control via RS232, RS485 or USB connectivity if ordered. The cell can be converted to a flow mode via 1/16” stainless steel flow tube in exchange at the injection septum and additional monitoring thermocouple connection ports.

    This Short Pathlength Gas Cell is supplied with a choice of NaCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, or ZnSe infrared transmission windows, and is mounted the standard 3” by 2” slide mount of an optical spectrometer.

  • Storm Short Pathlength Gas Cell Datasheet

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