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  • Negligible sample contamination
  • Large puck and rings result in high intensity grinding with high percentage of fineness
  • Accommodates the whole range of grinding dishes, of whatever manufacture, from the most fragile to the hardest
  • Easily adjustable grinding intensity control with three settings
  • Variable, built-in process timer
  • Cam clamping device allows rapid, simple loading and unloading of dishes
  • Timer switch, stop/start switch, overload relay and cover safety switches
  • Sound-proof cabinet
  • Maintenance-free
  • Exceptionally fast grinding: most samples ground to analytical fineness in 1 to 3 minutes
  • More details

    The Gyro Mill is the perfect choice for rapid, homogeneous and reproducible grinding of samples to analytical fineness, both wet and dry. The equipment is widely used for precision sample preparation for wet chemistry and instrumental analysis, such as XRF and AA analysis as well as for geological/mineral assay work. Materials routinely ground by this method include brick, castings, cement, ceramics, chemicals, clinker, coal, coke, concrete, ferro-alloys, fertilisers, fluxes, glass, iron, limestone, minerals, paint, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dried plant material, ore, precious stones, rocks, metals, sand, slags, silicates, soil, steel, wood, etc.

    The Gyro Mill is particularly recommended for grinding smaller samples from 1 cc to 250 cc. Typically, the maximum initial particle size is approximately 12 mm, depending on the hardness of the material.

    Technical Data

    • Motor : 0.4 kW, 230 V single-phase 50 Hz or 400 V three-phase 50 Hz
    • Other voltages or frequencies can be supplied on request
    • Dimensions: 64x64x107 cm (WxDxH); weight: 275kg net

    The chart lists the grinding performance for the Gyro Mill using a 100 cc tungsten carbide grinding dish, with grinding intensity set at “high”.

    Material Feed Size Final Size Minutes
    Brake Linings 20x10mm <150um 1
    Cement 0.3mm <45um 3
    Chalk 5mm <53um 2
    Coke 20mm <212um 3
    Industrial Diamond Powder 1-2mm 50-75um 5
    Dolomite 0.25mm 100um 2
    Ferro Molybdenum 0.18mm <45um 4
    Ferro Titanium 0.18mm <45um 3
    Firebrick 15mm <150um 4
    Glass Frit 5mm <150um 2
    Limestone 8mm <250um 5
    Marble 6-9mm 150um 3
    Quartz 40mm 150um 1



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