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Gateway ATR Top Plates

Gateway ATR Top Plates


  • Electrically heated trough top-plate with ZnSe 45 deg crystal
  • Flat top-plates
  • Flow-through top-plates
  • Trough top-plates
  • More details

    To allow more flexibility of sample analysis we offer a range of crystal options for the Gateway ATR.

    Electrically heated trough top-plate with ZnSe 45 deg crystal

    This top-plate allows for the study of samples at elevated temperatures up to 200°C. It is electrically heated and is supplied with a temperature controller.

    Flat top-plates

    Flat top plates each have a 45° angle crystals, they are available ZnSe, Silicon and Germanium options. 

    Flow-through top-plates

    This top-plate allows a sample to be flowed across the crystal via the sample ports on the flow plate. The sample flow rate is rated up to 60 p.s.i. maximum. The standard flow-through top-plate is for use at room temperature and has a volume of 550µl.

    • Process control
    • 550µl volume
    • Removable crystal
    • Variety of crystals available
    • Reaction monitoring

    The thermostabilised top-plate can be heated by the flow of a thermocirulating solution surrounding the sample/crystal area. The temperature achievable is dependent on the thermocirculating fluid being used i.e water or oil etc.

    • Reaction kinetics
    • 550µl volume
    • Removable crystal
    • Stainless steel top-plate and Kalrez spacer
    • Heatable to 90°​

    Trough top-plates

    The trough top-plate assembly for the Gateway ATR is an easy way to convert the Gateway to analyze liquids and pastes. It comes as standard with a ZnSe crystal although other crystals are available and are interchangeable within the assembly.

    The heated trough top-plate is a sub-ambient to 90°C version and is heated or cooled by thermo-circulating fluid.


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