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FTIR Slide Mount Polarizer Rotator

FTIR Slide Mount Polarizer Rotator


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    Fits polarizers into spectrometers

    Infrared wire grid polarizer rotator mount to fit a 3" by 2" spectrometer in-compartment slide holder. This mount allows the polarizer to be rotated through 360 degrees to orient the spectrometer beam’s linear polarization for FTIR spectroscopic sample analysis.

    These rotators are designed to accommodate Specac’s series FTIR spectroscopy polarizers.

    In kit form, these rotators are supplied with a choice of infrared holographic wire grid polarizer substrates:

    • calcium fluoride (CaF2)
    • barium fluoride (BaF2)
    • zinc selenide (ZnSe)
    • germanium (Ge)
    • thallium bromoiodiode (KRS-5)


    • Polarizer RotatorA Polarizer Rotator with 3” x 2” Slide Mount for FTIR Infrared Polarizers (GS12000 Series).GS12500
    • FTIR Polarizer Kit – KRS-5A KRS-5 FTIR Infrared Polarizer Kit (includes Polarizer Rotator and KRS-5 FTIR Infrared Polarizer).GS12501


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