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Free-Standing Polarizers

Free-Standing Polarizers


  • Wide wavelength range (20 µm to 10mm)
  • High degree of polarization: >99.9%
  • High transmission efficiency
    • No beam deviation or dispersion
  • Custom frame sizes and shapes
  • More details

    Free-standing polarizers for far-infrared and terahertz applications

    Specac provide Free-Standing Wire Grid Polarizers for Far-Infrared and Terahertz (THz) polarizing applications.

    These polarizers consist of an array of parallel 5 μm or 10 μm tungsten wires secured to a mounting frame with a wire spacing of 12.5 μm or 25 μm. These wires act to reflect the incident radiation electric field component parallel to the direction of the wires, and transmit the electric field component perpendicular to the wires. Operating wavelengths are from 20 μm to 10 mm.

    Typical applications include:

    • far-infrared and terahertz polarizing beamsplitters
    • infrared spectroscopy polarization studies
    • variable attenuation or reflection of polarized sources
    • or as coupling devices for long wavelength sources

    High quality materials

    Standard polarizer frames are circular in shape, manufactured from aluminium, with a clear aperture in the range 25 mm to 120 mm. For customer applications, gold-plated tungsten or beryllium copper wire is available in diameters up to 50 μm.

    Furthermore, custom frame sizes and alternative frame materials of stainless steel, invar, tefnol, glass fiber, and molybdenum are offered.


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