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  • Choice of Control system
    Different levels of control system provide the user with the choice to match the requirements of each application to the complexity of control.
  • Basic Manual Control
    Is typically used for long-term stability testing where setting do not need to be frequently changed.
  • Diurnal Control
    Is ideal for plant growth chambers requiring simulation of day/night condition.
  • Programmable Control
    Is used for applications requiring specific profile to be simiulated.Sietronics' ultimate in setpoint
    programmers has the capacity to store up to 50 programmed profile in memory.Power software enable
    profile to be pre-programmed and tested on a remote PC before downloding to the controller,while
    data logging software opyion present both digital and graphical records of actual condition achieved in the chamber over a period of time.
  • More details

    Developed from the highly successful Sietronics SPL-L series' incubators,the 'SPL-E series' environmental chambers represent the very best in contemporary design and functionality. Precies control of temperature and humidity, with a variety of optional lighting control system,makes the SPL-E series ideal for a wide variety of applications-from pharmaceutical stability testing,to plant growth chambers,electronic environmental testing,concrete testing and many more.

    Stable Control of Temperature,Humidity,and Lighting
    Sietronics' unique air-flow system ensures unequalled spatial stability through-out the chamber.

    Temperatures can be set up to 80°C,while various refrigeration options enable cooling to take place down to -20°C.

    The poweful air circulation fan is also used to drive air over a watebath whose temperature is accurately controlled by a precision RH sensor and an environmentally frinedly CFC-free refrigeration system.This
    results in exetremely stable humidity control between 20% and 90% RH.Various lighting options basic ON/OFF control tostepless intensity control at any value betwenn 10% to 100%.

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