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Sitronics 'SPL-D series' chamber are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel,and the exteriors are epoxy powder-coated to give lasting performance year after year.50mm thick high destiny mineral wool insulation keeps the exterior surfaces cool,minimize heat losses,and reduce energy consumption.
The state of the art PID microdigital control system provides exceptional stability
over time while an auto-tuning function ensures that optimum settings are used on every unit,independant of the chamber size.In the unlikely event of a control system failure,an independant mechanical thermostat will cut off the product within the chamber.
The temperature control system can be enhanced by the addition of an optional countdown timer which will automatically awitch off the heating elements aftera set of period of time,and alert users to excessive temperature levels within the cabinet.

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    Standard ovens just don't compare to Sietronics' drying cabinets and dehydration ovens when it comes to high performance drying of moisture laden products.Simply increasing temperature is not enough-the moisture also needs to be removed from the chamber to maintain the highest levels of drying efficiency at all times.The 'SPL-D series' of high performance drying cabinets and dehydration ovens incorporates a unique air-flow system which draws in fresh air and

    expels the moisture-laden wet air.Sietronics' proven technology has resulted in a product which is suited to a wide range of industries.

    Sitronic engineers have developed the 'SPL-D series' of drying cabinets and dehydration ovens from the proven 'SPL_O series' range of laboratory ovens.

    The unique air-flow system ensures excellent spatial stability throughout the chamber and distributes air evenly over every shelf.

    Products on all levels are therefore processed equally at every point int the chamber to give consistent and repeatable results.

    The high performance circulation fan draws in fresh air,distributes it evenly over the product,and expels it through a discharge vent.Standard units operate from 

    ambient up to 120°C,while an optional modulating valve enables the flow of air through the cabinet to be varied and the operating temperature to be adjust up to 200°C.

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