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Diamond Compression Cell | Solid FTIR Accessory

Diamond Compression Cell | Solid FTIR Accessory


  • Flat, parallel Type lIIA diamond windows
  • 1.5 mm diameter clear aperture
  • High working pressure
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Multifunctional for FTIR spectrometers and IR microscopes 
  • More details

    High-Pressure Solid Transmission spectroscopy cell

    Specac’s high-pressure Diamond Compression Cell is designed for in-compartment FTIR spectroscopic transmission analysis and FTIR microscope analysis. Samples are compressed and flattened to a uniform thickness between a pair of diamond windows until the sample is thin enough for the FTIR instrument or microscope beam to penetrate. This type of cell is particularly useful for the analysis of hard samples, including minerals, rubbers, and rigid polymers. Minimal sample preparation is required, which means that samples are ready for direct FTIR spectroscopic analysis.

    The Diamond Compression Cell consists of two stainless steel plates into which a pair of diamond windows is fixed using a high-strength and durable diamond-to-metal bond technology. The strength of this diamond mount facilitates a reduced thickness of diamond window (0.5 mm) to achieve the highest infrared optical throughput for this type of micro transmission cell.

    Analysis of samples in an FTIR spectrometer may require the use of Specac's Microfocus Beam Condenser (ZnSe lenses, or KRS-5 lenses) to obtain the best quality spectra.


    • DC-3The DC-3 Diamond Compression Cell unit.GS02555

    • DC-3 Kit – ZnSeThe DC-3 Diamond Compression Cell Kit, including the ZnSe Microfocus beam Condenser.GS02556

    • DC-3 Kit – KRS-5The DC-3 Diamond Compression Cell Kit, including the KRS-5 Microfocus beam Condenser.GS02557

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