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  • Three Standard sizes from 150 Litres to 500 litres
  • Stainless steel internal liner for easy and quick cleaning –non corrosive
  • Fully insulated using high grade fibreglass
  • Energy efficient digital control technology
  • Positive & Continuous minimum ventilation
  • Inbuilt purge timer remove volatile vapours
  • Pressure relief port equal to 1:4.5 times oven volume
  • Analogue duration timer
  • Digital display of internal and control temperatures
  • Electronic switching of heating element
  • Long life high speed fan motor(s)
  • Silicone door gasket
  • Removable or adjustable chrome plated shelving
  • Industrial design positive door catch
  • Control temperature range Ambient +5°C to +200°C
  • Air handling systems provides controlled heated air across each shelf position
  • Industrial K type thermocouple sensor
  • Stainless steel heating element ensures long life
  • Adjustable fresh air inlet and adjustable exhaust air outlet vents
  • Control Accuracy at set point better than ±0.25°C
  • Spatial variation at 100°C ±1°C unloaded vents closed
  • More details

    Designed by our engineers to comply with Australian standards, these special dehydrating ovens are to be used with volatile materials such as in bitumen manufacturing, paint drying, varnishing, or other volatile materials where explosion proof is not necessary. Built to Australian Standard AS1681-2002, our TD-series-AS1681 dehydrators makes for a safe work place.

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