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  • Heavy duty cast iron housing
  • 1.1kW 3000 rpm motor, supplied for use on single-phase or three-phase power supplies
  • 5-litre receptacle with filter tube and clamps included
  • Dimensions: 113x56x70 cm (HxWxD); weight: 52kg nett, 62kg gross
  • More details

    The popular Cross Beater Mill is used for crushing and grinding a wide assortment of materials up to the medium-hard range such as soil, bricks, concrete, rock, cement clinker, coal, glass, ores, minerals, rare earth products, chemicals, spices and grain. Applications abound within a variety of industries, including construction, environmental, mineral, chemical, agricultural and ceramic.

    The mill is remarkable for combining small size with strength and power for heavy duty application and continuous operation. It processes samples from 200 g/hr up to a maximum of about 50 kg/hr, with an initial lump size of up to 30 mm down to a finest end particle size of approximately 50 microns. Coarse, medium or fine grinding can be selected. Interchangeable screens, with different hole diameters determine the fine particle size. Screens are changed quickly and simply by sliding them in and out of the recess provided. The beater tips are re-adjustable to maintain performance. The mill can be stand-mounted or bolted to a bench. The Cross Beater Mill is designed to produce little or no dust and for easy cleaning.


    • Grinding chamber lining and door lining available in cast iron, chrome steel and stainless steel
    • Beater arms available in cast iron and stainless steel
    • Beater tips available in chrome, steel, stainless steel and chrome free
    • Smooth liners for soil grinding for fast cleaning and minimised cross contamination
    • All-stainless steel contact parts
    • Flameproof electrics
    • Special hoppers and stands
    • 30-litre receptacle
    • Stainless steel screens available
    • Stainless steel Conidur & Trapezoidal
      • 12 mm / 0.20 mm / 0.25 mm / 0.50 mm / 0.75 mm / 1.0 mm /1.50 mm
    • Heavy duty stainless steel round hole
      • 2.00 mm / 3.0 mm / 4.00 mm / 5.00 mm / 6.00 mm / 8.00 mm / 10.00 mm
    • Stainless steel round hole
      • 3.00 mm / 4.00 mm / 5.00 mm / 6.00 mm / 8.00 mm / 10.00 mm
    • The bulk of the ground product is reduced to a size much finer than the screen hole
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