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Fast sample processing

• Homogeneous powder blending

• Uniform particle size reduction

• Small compact bench-top size

• Accommodates 2 to 30cm3 sample

• Touchscreen user interface

• Programmable count-down timer

• Programmable methods for storage and recall

• Audible cycle compeltion alarm

  • More details

    Ball Pestle Impact Grinder/Mixer is a compact bench-top device used for blending and pulverizing samples ranging from 2 to 30cm3. A combination of features provides the analyst with a virtually unlimited capability to process innumerable types of samples. Typical samples include: geological rocks, minerals, dried soil and sand, cement, sinters, slags, ceramics, catalysts, glass, pharmaceuticals, dried plant and animal tissues, seeds and many other types of samples requiring fine particle size, uniform configuration, homogeneous distribution and reproducible x-ray data. The mechanics of the system are designed to guide a ball pestle and sample through a “figure3” path of travel within the grinding/mixing vial prior to impact against the contoured vial and cap ends. The sample is crushed by the ball pestle and "milled" as the ball pestle is guided across the concaved interior ends of the vial to repeat the cycle on the opposite end. The comminution and blending processes are controlled by type of sample substance, quantity, time, hardness of the vial and number of ball pestles.

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