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  • Many models available with variable speed
  • Flameproof units for hazardous areas
  • Wide choice of accessories include screens, pourers and tipping stands for straining the contents of the mill pot
  • Pots available in carbon steel, stainless steel and porcelain
  • Various different types of grinding media can be used to obtain maximum grinding efficiency. For the ceramic pots steatite or high density alumina balls are generally used whilst for the steel pots either carbon or stainless steel balls are the normal choice. Other media such as zirconia cylinders or glass balls can be supplied to order.

  • More details

    A comprehensive range of ball mills for laboratory and pilot plant offers the operator a flexible approach with a wide choice of pot sizes and materials. From a single pot to multi-tiered units capable of accommodating 35 litre containers you can be sure to find a mill to suit your requirements.

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