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Advanced Solid Transmission Cell

Advanced Solid Transmission Cell


  • Suitable for a range of sample diameters and thicknesses
  • Solid transmission analysis over a range of temperatures
  • More details

    Advanced Solid Transmission spectroscopy Cell

    Specac manufacture two versions of Advanced Solid Transmission Cells for use with Specac’s Electrical Heating Jacket, Water Heating Jacket, or Variable Temperature Cell Holder.

    For use with the Electrical Heating Jacket or Water Heating Jacket, Specac offer the Solid Transmission Cell which has a fixed size aperture of 10 mm and is suitable for the spectroscopic analysis of solid samples from 12 mm to 28 mm diameter, and up to 3 mm thick.

    Similarly, for use with the Variable Temperature Cell Holder, Specac offer the Solid Transmission Cell. This cell consists of outer and inner cell threaded bodies and three pairs of pressure plates. The various sizes of pressures plates used in the transmission cell enable the analysis of solid samples of 12-17 mm, 17-22 mm, and 22-30 mm diameter, and thicknesses of a few microns to 8 mm.

    These solid transmission cells do not require any windows for operation.



    • Heating Jacket Solids HolderSolids Holder for Heating Jackets and and 3" x 2" Mount Plate Holder.GS20600 
    • Variable Temperature Solids HolderSolids Holder for Variable Temperature Cell Holder.GS20610
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