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25 Reflection Variable Angle ATR

25 Reflection Variable Angle ATR


  • 25 reflections
  • Variable angle of incidence (30º - 60º)
  • Suitable for both FT-IR and dispersive instruments
  • Standard 3x2" slide mounting
  • Choice of crystal materials; KRS-5 as standard
  • Interchangeable sample holders (solids, liquids and pastes)
  • More details

    FTIR and Dispersive Variable Angle ATR accessory

    The 25 Reflection Variable Incidence ATR Accessory is a vertically mounted ATR crystal accessory capable of being operated for a crystal incidence angle of between 30° to 60°.

    Various ATR crystals available

    The ATR accessory is supplied with a KRS-5 crystal as standard but a variety of crystal materials such as ZnSe, Ge, and Si are available to extend the sample handling and study capabilities of the accessory.


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